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Software Secrets

Software Secrets EXPOSED!
How to create Hot Software - even if you've never touched a line of code!

  • Develop a hot idea for software.
  • Tranform these ideas into best selling software.
  • Rake in dump truck loads of cash!
Learn How-To Techniques for Coming Up with Dozens of Software Ideas in Minutes...

VERY Interesting...

Website Hosting
(Good One!)

The Ultimate Tool for Your Definitive Web Presence

  • Receive a 33% discount!
  • Get an additional month free!
  • 400 MB hosting.
  • Free account setup.
  • Free Website Builder.
  • Hosting staff to assist you 24/7.
"Excellent add-on features, excellent prices, excellent support."

Digital Cam Tool

New Tool Solves Your Worst Digital Camera Nightmare.
A Must for All Digital Camera Users!

  • Isn't is a pain to go through your pictures and manually rename them one by one?
  • Wouldn't it be great to have a simple yet powerful software program that renames hundreds of photos in seconds saving you enormous time and effort!
Anyone who owns a digital camera, NEEDS this software!
Take a look at what is does for you...

Computer Speed

Double The Speed of Your Computer!
Hardware Optimization - These Methods Will Boost your PC in seconds!

  • How to speed up ANY PC (running any windows operating system) with ANY Internet connection (dial-up, Cable, ISDN, T1, satellite, etc..)
  • How to instantly recover the Memory Windows steals from your computer, this will make your computer faster and much more reliable!
  • Discover how you can boost your modem speed to make your Internet access up to five times faster.
  • Optimize a certain part of your memory that results in a better and improved system performance.
  • Discover how to increase your downloading speed from 100% to 500%.
  • How you can instantly stop Windows from either 'Crashing' or getting 'Illegal Operations'.
  • Discover how to never get disconnected off the Internet again!
  • How to get your PC to search the entire world for the fastest route for your downloads, This will increase your download speed from anything between 50% to 400%.
  • And much more...
Give yourself a NEW PC with the one you now own!   See for yourself.

Child Block

You can't look over their shoulders all the time. But don't you think you should?
  • Do you know what your children are saying when they chat on their instant message program?
  • Do you know who they are talking to?
  • Do you know what web sites they are visiting?
You would not let your child wander freely in a room full of convicted child molesters.
If you give your child unrestricted access to the Internet then you may be doing much worse.

Child Block Software starts when your computer starts, and allows you to monitor everything that is done on that computer.

WebLock Pro

Breakthrough web site security system hides your web site's source code!

  • Protect your Website's source code from thieves.
  • Secure your affiliate profits.
  • Hide the internals of your web site from hackers.
  • Stop spammers, not search engines.
  • Protect your web design work.
  • Eliminate PayPal theft.
  • Force would-be thieves to buy from you instead.
  • Encrypt your website with a single click!
Gain UNFAIR advantage over your competition by having the only site that thieves can't rip off!

Control Pop-ups

What emotions do pop-ups evoke in you?

  • Do you hate pop-ups?
  • Do you find them irritating?
  • Do pop-ups steal your time?
  • Do they consume the resources of your PC?
  • Do you want to get rid of pop-ups once and for all?
Then you need Exit Killer!  Use it to surf the Web with delight again.


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